Question #1 Part A

Did the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church help bring Hitler to power?

If the church did this, did it also help prepare an exit in case he was to fail?

Is there any truth to the rumors of a secret order within the SDA church using a hidden hand to guide the activities and future of the SDA church?

If so, did this hidden hand orchestrate Rat Lines to bring Adolph Hitler and thousands of his Nazi officers and their families to South America?

With its plan did the secret order create the appearance that the pope and the Catholic Church were responsible?

Did leaders of this secret order within the SDA church gamble that Hitler was going to become the second beast of Revelation who would make the world tremble and then lay his power at the feet of the papacy, known to Adventists as the first beast of Revelation?

When Hitler failed, did leaders of the secret order realize they had miscalculated?

Did leaders of the secret order then come to recognize the United States government, not Hitler, as the second beast of Revelation?

Do they now hope to influence the U.S. government to lay its power at the feet of the first beast of Revelation, the papacy?