Are Vaccines Contributing to the Seven Last Plagues

Are Vaccines Contributing to the Seven Last Plagues

The Seventh-day Adventist church teaches that before the world ends with the coming of Jesus Christ, there will be seven plagues – these are mentioned in the book of Revelation. The first of these seven plagues manifests as sores inside and outside the body that will cause suffering and death for people all over the world.

Many people believe that the Covid-19 pandemic is the first of the seven last plagues.

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Many experts, however, believe the Covid-19 pandemic may have been started – intentionally or unintentionally – by a virus released from a biosafety level IV lab in Wuhan, China. Other people believe that the vaccines developed to fight the Covid-19 virus may be used as a tool for de-populating the world.

Members of the World Economic Forum (WEF) have promoted global “health” measures such as abortion and vaccines to reduce the world’s population. According to WEF member Bill Gates, “The good news is, that the faster we improve health, the faster family size goes down.”

Some world leaders have seized upon the Covid-19 crisis as a tool to accomplish their globalist agenda. Former Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen talks of the pandemic as “an opportunity for a reset.” He and like-minded WEF members view it as “our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.”

Ultimately, it is about control. “It's a deep, systemic, and structural re-structuring of our world,” according to Klaus Schwab. And, as he told the WEF, “Also be clear. The future is not just happening. The future is built by us.”

“Covid-19 also helped legitimize instruments of control,” according to George Soros.

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Have Covid-19 vaccines caused more harm than the virus itself? Two prominent cardiologists have conducted extensive research on the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines, and their clinical findings indicate that all cardiovascular conditions have worsened as a result of the vaccines. According to UK cardiologist Aseem Malholtra, M.D., “Anything and everything that can go wrong with the heart has gone wrong with the heart as a result of these MRNA vaccines. There is no doubt about it.” The consequences are so devastating, says Dr. Malhotra, that “if we didn’t even have the vaccine at all, we would have had probably less harm to the public.”

Why are public health leaders failing to sound the alarm? Dr. Peter McCullough, a U.S. cardiologist and public health scholar, believes “there is a deep-seeded bias to only promote the vaccines in the peer-reviewed literature.” He supports these claims with findings from dozens of patients in his own clinical practice. Dr. McCullough believes the origin of the danger is the very organization charged with protecting the public – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – and despite the CDC’s efforts to bury the devastating truth, the data do not lie. According to McCullough, “This is the most toxic vaccine by the CDC data that we’ve ever seen in clinical medicine.”

Embalmers and experts interviewed in the film Died Suddenly (linked below) have described “white fibrous structures,” massive clots suspected to be caused by Covid-19 vaccines. None of the embalmers – many with decades of experience in the field – had ever seen such structures, and they are all convinced that the fibrous material contributed to the deaths of the individuals whose bodies they examined.

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Taking Action to Prevent The End of The Earth

We have found ourselves entrapped by a 5th generation warfare for the heart and the mind. Recently declassified psychological manipulation tactics like MKULTRA and Operation Mockingbird, provide evidence that the government has been trying to sabotage and control the citizens in America. This same principle applies with the coerced blind trust citizens were made to give our leaders during the pandemic. No one in congress or the mainstream media has shown any interest in addressing this, leaving citizens feeling unheard, powerless and confused. This lack of transparency has led to a rise in distrust of the government and has caused many to question the integrity of the people in power. It is essential that the government and the media take steps to restore faith in the system. We must demand they are open and honest about the tactics that have been used to manipulate citizens and to ensure that those in power are held accountable for their actions.

It is clear that ignoring the warning signs around us cannot remain an option. The end of days are surely upon us if we allow ourselves to remain compliant and keep our eyes closed to the potential dangers that may be posed by vaccines. It must be considered that vaccines may very well be one of the sources of epidemics, and the irreparable havoc caused by them could undoubtedly be confirmation of the seven plagues looming closer. If you want to avoid passive compliance with this frightening reality, stay informed with updates and other information from our podcast and blog.

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