Are modern Ashkenazi Jews in Palestine true descendants of Abraham?

Are modern Ashkenazi Jews in Palestine true descendants of Abraham?

What would happen if modern Seventh-day Adventists – as their forefathers may have done with the German people before World War II – began teaching the world that Jews are not really Jews?

Professor Walter Veith questions claims made by modern Ashkenazi Jews. This leader and well-known independent evangelist of the Seventh-day Adventist church teaches about prophecies of the SDA church, and he is listened to and supported by many of the church’s leaders. Are Walter Veith’s teachings like those of German Adventists in the 1930s? Is he attempting to persuade the world that Ashkenazi Jews are not true descendants of ancient Jews, but are in fact converts to Judaism?

In Israel, Orthodox Jews constantly question the validity of Jewish conversion. Therefore, the question of Dr. Walter Veith as to whether Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Jewish converts becomes an even more interesting issue.

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Are Ashkenazi Jews descendants of the Kazars?

Many educated Jews, including academics in Israel, believe Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Turkish peoples who migrated to modern day Israel. What are the implications of such claims?

Prof. Veith is not alone in his claims. When organizations such as the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Boston University promote the questioning of Ashkenazi Jews’ origins, they beg the question: Is Veith on to something?

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What was being written by the SDA church in Germany prior to World War II?

How influential was the pre-World War II German Seventh-day Adventist church among the country’s political and military leaders? What was the German Adventist church trying to persuade the German people of that era to believe?

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What was Jewish life like prior to World War II?

A vibrant Jewish culture existed in Europe before the rise of Nazism and the slaughter of 6 million Jews under Hitler’s regime.

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Are there more Ashkenazi Jews on the upper end of the bell curve of intelligence?

History shows that many positions of leadership in pre-World War II Germany were held by Jews. Did this lead Hitler and the Nazis to fan the flames of distrust of Jews among non-Jewish Germans?

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