4 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Beliefs Right Now

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How Much Do You know About The Seventh-Day Adventists Church?

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church is a Protestant Christian denomination. It began on September 23, 1863, when a small group of believers in Battle Creek, Michigan, organized the church. The founders named the church "Seventh-Day Adventist" because they believe that Jesus Christ will soon return to this world, and they wanted to be ready when He does. But what are they hiding? Learn more with Bipolar Winter!


Is The Pandemic Temporary?

When it comes to the pandemic, there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered. Many people are wondering if this is just a temporary problem, or if something larger is at play. There are some who believe that this pandemic was prophesied in the Bible, and that it is a sign of the end times. Discover the clues today!


Are You Ready To Question Everything Around You?

Are you ready to question the world around you? Many people choose to live in complacency, instead of questioning the world around them. This can be dangerous, especially when it comes to important topics like the pandemic. Are you ready to ask the tough questions and find the answers? Pick up your copy of Bipolar Winter today!


Is Cloning Over?

Or is it just beginning, with more sinister implications? Cloning has been around for a while, but there are some new technologies that might make it possible to clone humans. This has raised a lot of ethical questions. Is it morally wrong to clone humans? What are the long-term implications of cloning?

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